Saturday, July 28, 2018

Masqueraders its time to get road ready!!!

Hi Readers,

I really hope by now you’ve made that oh so important decision as to what band and section you are playing mas with for the 51st celebration of Toronto Carnival.

If you need some help deciding check out my 2018 Mas Band Directory.

If however you have picked the costume of your dreams, its time to start getting yourself organized for the Grand Parade.

Here are a few suggestions of goods and services to get you ROAD READY!

GET FIT - take a class, get familiar with the music, and meet fellow masqueraders…

Socacize Bootcamp Jam - June 3 to July 29
Facebook: @SocacizeFitnessInc
Instagram: @socacize

Riddim Fit Ulitmate Bootcamp - July 5 to July 28
Facebook: @RiddimFit
Instagram: @riddimfit

Carnival Spice
Facebook: @CarnivalSpiceAndEverthingNIce
Instagram: @carnivalspice

Toronto Carnival Run – Saturday, July 28, 2018
Facebook: @TOcarnivalrun
Instagram: @tocarnivalrun

ONE STOP SHOP - for everything from boots to eyelashes

Carnival Kicks
Instagram: @carnivalkicks


MAKEUP – make sure your face looks as great as your costume!
Carnival Makeup Kits
Facebook: @carnivalmakeupkits
Instagram: carnivalmakeupkits

MAS TIGHTS – so those legs look right!

Facebook: @carnivalista
Instagram: @carnavalista

Matched for Me
Instgram: @matchedforme

ACCESSORIZE- footwear, pouches and backpacks

Instagram: @feteinflats

TO Carnival Bling
Instagram: @tocarnivalbling

Facebook: @styleprolix
Instagram: @styleprolix

Lime Carnival
Facebook: @LImeCarnival
Instagram: @limecarnival

Carnival Queens Acessories
Facebook: @carnivalqueensaccessories 
Instagram: @carnival_queens_accessories

BLING IT UP – add a little sparkle

Bling Things by Taryn
Instagram: @blingthingsto

Bling That Carnival Wear
Instagram: @blingthatcarnivalwear

EMBELLISH – for a little something extra

Facebook: @endlesstrims
Instagram: @endlesstrims

LIBATIONS – cheers!!!

Pops Punch
Instagram: @popspunch

Jojos Mix
Instagram: @jojosmix

Party Pops TO
Instagram: @partypops_to

CHILDCARE – don’t forget about the little ones!

Carnival Day Camp
Facebook: @carnivaldaycamp
Instagram: @carnivaldaycamp


Is We! Carnival Concierge
Facebook: @iswecarnivalconcierge
Instagram: @iswe.carnival

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Ol' Time Carnival...Bacchanal in d' Plantation Yard - Sunday, July 29th

Come one, come all! 
Bring a lawn chair, wear sunscreen and refill that water bottle. 
The weather will be great and the bacchanal in full effect! Over 40 costumed performers. 
Drumming, DJ Miss Tempo and big bottom ladies...Dame Lorraine's, of course!

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