Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Message from Toronto Revellers

Revellers! I have some exciting news to share with you. I am happy to announce our Toronto Revellers team for Caribana 2011!

Please help me welcome our new and returning section leaders...

Andrea Boucaud and Leila Thomas | Attasha Jordan | Camille Lewis | Debbie Minott | Dija Kit-Chang | Giselle Blanche "D' Wassi One" | Joann Chase | Nicole Brand-Dixon and Zakiya McGregor-Ricketts | Roger Taylor Montano | Simone Russelburn and Christiane Tetreault | (SugaCayne) Stacey Robinson, Candice Dixon, Cherr Evans, Justin Franklyn and Sonia Bhatia | Yvette McBurnie

This dynamic team brings you talent and experience from Miami, Toronto, London and Trinidad carnivals. With designs straight out of the heart of Trinidad and feature designs from our very own Section Leaders, the Toronto Revellers are ready!!!

I did promise that we would listen to you... the people. My team and I are taking your overall experience to heart. Keep your suggestions coming toinfo@torontorevellers.com, Facebook and Twitter.

We want to improve, enlighten and impress! We are definitely listening!

NOW for our other exciting news... Mark your calendars as it's coming... the Toronto Revellers Welcome to Oz Band Launch will be on April 30th, 2011. Stay glued towww.torontorevellers.com, Facebook and Twitter as we announce further details soon.

My team and I can not wait to share Oz with you. 2011 Band of the Year! We comin'!


P.S. Check out the upcoming features on the Toronto Revellers website as we explore the many faces of the Toronto Revellers, your behind the scenes look.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Merry Christmas.....

I got my fist Merry Christmas while shopping at the mall today! My tree is up and decorated! It must be the most wonderful time of the year......

1 Chronicles 16:8
"Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done."

Enjoy this classic Christmas tune......

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Machel Montano......The Return



November 24, 2010 - It’s official - Machel Montano announces his return to Carnival 2011.

In March, 2011 Montano will join thousands of residents and visitors in celebrating Carnival in his native Trinidad & Tobago.

Montano returns after taking last season off to start new projects and explore various avenues to further develop his sound, brand and mission.

In this time, Machel has further increased the presence of Soca music internationally as millions of television viewers worldwide tuned in to his hit collaboration, “Alright” with Latin Hip Hop star, Pitbull. The song was used during episodes of the popular series, Hawaii Five-O on CBS and Parenthood on NBC. “Alright”, entered the Billboard charts and received major airplay on mainstream radio across the globe. It will also be featured on the hit NBC T.V. show, Friday Night Lights.

Over the summer, Montano was a headline artist on Pitbull's 22-city “Mr. Worldwide Carnival Tour.” The tour traveled to major cities throughout the United States.

Immediately thereafter, Montano slipped into the studio to begin work on a new album. The energy from these sessions coupled with cries from his adoring fans played a major role in convincing him to make his return. The new album promises to deliver a number of bonafide hits for the upcoming Carnival season. The first single “Coming Again” will be released on November 24th, his birthday.

At the center of this comeback, Montano is eyeing the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Trinidad for a much anticipated "Return" concert, which he contends will be the “Mother” of all Machel Montano events. The show will also include the talents of well-known stars he has collaborated with in the past and a few new surprises.

The official launch of Montano's "Return" campaign will commence as soon as the clock turns at midnight, heralding 2011 in as the New Year. This will be done in dramatic fashion, as the new machelmontano.com website is unveiled. All the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace & Youtube will be integrated, celebrating this launch.

Fans who join Montano's Facebook, follow him on Twitter @ machelmontanohd or subscribe to his YouTube channel before January 1, 2011, will be entered into the
Machel Online Return sweepstakes. This gives them a chance to win exclusive merchandise, music & VIP access to his 2011 Carnival events.

Montano says, "I am very excited to come back home and perform. I can't wait to engage my fans both online and in-person. My mission to bring Soca into the mainstream of today’s music is becoming a reality." To learn more, log-on tomachelmontano.com now!

"I am thrilled to make The Return."

For Further Information Contact:
James Walton, M.A.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Band Alert for Caribana 2k11 - BLUES CARNIVAL FUSION

Here's another newbie mas band for Caribana 2K11......Blues Carnival Fusion. Their presentation is entitled "t:me after t:me"

Check out their website: http://www.bluescarnivalfusion.com

A group of friends who have been participating in international carnivals for several years, decided to join forces to provide an unsurpassed experience to masqueraders. Having the passion for carnivals –Carnival Fusion was launched in 2004.

The group is available 24/7 for all enquiries. They provide quality costumes and offer individual attention to each masquerader, internationally and local.

Carnival Fusion’s team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals with many years experience in customer service, design, DJing, marketing, ‘Mas-making’ and, promotions. Although our talents are focused on different aspects, as a group, our first and foremost love is Carnival. Fused together we celebrate our West Indian culture through Carnival. Our ultimate goal is to provide masqueraders with an ongoing carnival experience year round by providing affordable, quality costumes and, unparalleled customer service.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Mas Band Alert for Caribana 2k11 - Bitter Lemon Carnival

Another New Mas Band Alert for Caribana 2011......Bitter Lemon Carnival.........

I have to say I am already quite impressed with this band as they not only have their theme in place but their website is up and running AND includes sketches of their sections. Their presentation for 2011 is entitled "Monsoon Wedding".

Please check out the following blog for some insight into Bitter Lemon's journey towards Caribana 2K11: http://jackieirving.blogspot.com

Bitter Lemon Carnival is a creative team is a creative team who have a passion for mas. We have been creating costumes for a variety of bands for over 30 years.
Mostly with Wallace Alexander and Nip Davis and Associates.
We have created winning costumes that have performed in Trinidad, Hong Kong, Detroit and more locations.
We also provide costumes for special events, as well as decorative pieces that can be used for special dinners, cultural events and ceremonies. We can also custom-make a design for you.
The our artcle from our recent installation at the ROM http://www.insidetoronto.com/what's on/article/851762--caribana-art-exhibit-on-now-at-the-rom.
We have full costumes (averaging 18x25x16) ft in size. They are modular, so they can be adjusted to fit the space where they might be displayed.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Band Alert for Caribana 2k11 - CANBOULAY CARNIVAL

Last night I got an FB notification regarding a new mas band for Caribana 2K11.....CANOBULAY CARNIVAL!

So who is CANBOULAY CARNIVAL......see below for some deets:

Joan Lee woi..i see big tings for 2011 TORONTO CARIBANA !!!!

12 hours ago · ·
    • Joan Lee who is Canboulay Carnivale ???
      11 hours ago ·
      11 hours ago · · 1 person

The website is presently under construction so look out for updates as I come across more information.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Socacize Appreciation Lime and FLAUNT Christmas Party - Dec 18th

Your remarkable support deserves my thanks!
You are cordially invited to join me at
Socacize Appreciation Lime
Saturday, December 18th 8:00-11:00 p.m.
Continental Soiree 1957 Kennedy Road (401 & Kennedy)
Enjoy free refreshments and giveaways!
RSVP by December 3rd


Let the Celebration of outstanding work begin!
Socacize Entertainment Presents
FLAUNT Christmas Party
Feel Good | Look good | Attitude: Sexy classy | Unleash
Nice up yourself | Take Time and enjoy U
Saturday December 18th from 11pm
Continental Soiree 1957 Kennedy Road (401 & Kennedy)
Jamming with Dr. Jay, DOC, Gdubb, & Jaydunaway
$10 with Donation for Tropicana Christmas Drive | $15

Tropicana Food Drive
This year, Tropicana Community Centre is doing a very special Christmas drive – one that focuses on pampering women! As such, we are asking if you can donate a gift certificate for any of the following services: manicure, pedicure, hairstyling, massage, fitness etc.

Other gifts may include non perishable food or toys.

Every Christmas generous donors and volunteers with Tropicana’s Spirit of Christmas Food & Toy Drive bring joy and relief to hundreds of families for whom the season is a harsh reminder of their daily emotional and financial hardships.

The beneficiaries of Tropicana’s Spirit of Christmas Food & Toy Drive are current or recent clients who are registered for the drive by Tropicana staff because we know that they and their families will benefit from our assistance.

“Your kindness is appreciated”

Socacize Fitness Inc.
1.888.552.SOCA (7622)

Follow Socacize Fitness on Twitter for daily updates on classes, etc.

Monday, November 8, 2010

2011 Caribana Theme Round-up









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