Friday, April 30, 2010

Toronto Lime -

Toronto Lime - Toronto's award-winning "WORLDWIDE WAKE UP SHOW" says goodbye after more than a decade on-air

This explains why I couldn't find my favourite morning show yesterday......Thursday mornings will be so empty without Worldwide. Thanks for all the great music Jester and Chief!!!

Band Launch Reminders....

Remember there are 3 Band Launches this weekend and then one online band launch on Monday. Show your support!!!

Carnival Nationz - "Sparrow.....D'Legend" - May 1, 2010 @ the Sound Academy

Black Sage (formerly Nip Davis & SCSC) - "Kopy Kat" - May 1, 2010 @ Northern Tropics

Genesis Mas - "What a Thing of Beauty" - May 1, 2010 @ G..C. Production Mas Camp

De Freitas Carnival - "Reign of Fire" - May 3, 2010 (ONLINE LAUNCH)

Mas Toronto 2010 Band Launch

Monday, April 26, 2010

Machel for 2010 Caribana......YAY!!!

Hey readers,

So guess who Toronto Revellers' just announed will be "on de road" with them Caribana Day!!! None other than Mr. Machel Montano himself. Check it out....

As you may already know, Machel and the HD family will also be in concert Caribana Saturday Night at Wild Water Kingdom. Nice to have them back in town for Caribana......Machel you were missed!!!

West Fete.......Brampton Carnival

West Fete Is We Fete

West Fete Carnival is a celebration that honors the cultures of our West Indian people and the multicultural community we all belong to. This celebration is a reflection of an almost unbridled passion and love for our heritage and dynamic West Indian culture. In order to share our pride with our community, we have decided to showcase a taste in the form of "Carnival in Brampton". We are proud parents of six beautiful children, who also share in our cultural passion. We welcome you to participate in a festival guaranteed to tantalize you.

Come celebrate in the West End fuh 2K10!

Brian & Tish Guerin
West Fete

Friday, April 23, 2010

Genesis Carnival

Toronto Lime -

Genesis Carnival Production (G.C Production) has flown from paradise and come to spread its beauty through the streets of Toronto. Launching their 2010 collection appropriately titled, A Thing of Beauty, creative directors Jerry and Russell Jerome have achieved their most inspirational theme yet.

Prepared for the most sophisticated release of the season, G.C Production will launch, A Thing of Beauty on, Saturday May 1st, 2010. The event will be hosted at, G.C Production mas camp located - 1603 Eglington Avenue West, south-west corner of Eglington and Oakwood.

Launch details:
• Kick off festivities 4pm
• 2010’s Kiddies collection Showcase 6pm
• Adult presentation, ‘A Thing of Beauty’ 8pm sharp

Creative masterminds behind, A Thing of Beauty have defined the launch as one which will, capture and absorb its audience. The evening will boast a selection of sacred tropical birds, symbolic birds of the seasons, and precious birds which can only be classified as complete paradise.

G.C Production has built its foundation on creative designs that uplift the individual and illuminates Caribbean heritage. Staying true to Genesis Carnival principles, A Thing of Beauty promises to, “Illuminate the Lakeshore with an effervescent array of life.” (Jerry and Russell Jerome)

For further information or to order your costume from the 2010 collection, ‘A Thing of Beauty’, contact a G.C Production representative:, 647.888.6716, 416.347.9705

Scotiabank Caribana 2010 Launch / Press Conference

Press Conference Media Alert

Scotiabank Caribana 2010 Launch / Press Conference

  • Release of IMPORTANT Ipsos Reid Economic Impact Study
  • Introduction of MAJOR Media Partner
  • Introduction of NEW sponsors
  • Release of OFFICIAL schedule/programme
  • Minister of Tourism/Culture to speak

Tuesday April 27, 2010

Royal Ontario Museum

Main Floor Rotunda, Bloor St Entrance, Toronto

On Tuesday morning the Festival Management Committee will be holding a media launch for the 2010 Scotiabank Caribana Festival. The press conference is scheduled to last 45-minutes. There will be opportunities to interview Minister Michael Chan and Joe Halstead and our stakeholders.

Scheduled to speak:

  • The Honourable Michael Chan, Minister of Tourism and Culture
  • Scotiabank Caribana Chairman Joe Halstead
  • Federal Government - TBA
  • City of Toronto - TBA
  • John W. Doig, Senior Vice-President, Marketing
  • Joel Peters, Vice-President Tourism Toronto
  • William Thorsell CEO Royal Ontario Museum
  • New major media partner

Costumed Mas Dancers (who appeared on stage at the Ontario Pavillion during the British Columbia Olympics) will be in attendance.

Live Pan Music.

For further information contact:

Stephen Weir publicist


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Dexter Seusahai's Tribal Knights summer blockbuster "HOLLYWOOD: Glitz and Glamour" is unveiling the men's costumed section for the 43rd Annual Scotiabank Caribana Festival on Friday April 23rd, 2010 inside the Mas Camp Studio located at 83 Dynamic Dr. (Markham/McNicoll) Units #11 and #12.

ALL masqueraders are encouraged to bring their friends and family for the EARLY BIRD MASQUERADER REGISTRATION SPECIAL starting at 11am and ending at 5pm.

From 5pm to 9pm join the cast of the 2010 summer blockbuster "HOLLYWOOD: Glitz and Glamour" as the men's costumed section presentation entitled Champagne on Ice is revealed for the first time.

Admission is FREE, FREE, FREE!!!

Complimentary food and drinks will be provided all day.

Kes & Tessanne Chin - Loving You (2010)

Tribe Toronto challenges TMBA ban

Tribe Toronto challenges TMBA ban

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Website Alert - Carnival Nationz

Good morning Readers,

The new Carnival Nationz website is up and running. Me likey!! I espeicially like the "THEMES" section that has links to all the band's past presentations (2005-2009) . Looking forward to the launch on May 1st and the website for the 2010 presentation.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tribal Knights 2010 Bandlaunch (HOLLYWOOD: Glitz & Glamour)

Sweet Bitters!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

De Freitas Carnival

Hey readers,
Well according to this TorontoLime article the Defreitas crew will be presenting a band for Caribana 2010 after all. We all lived through that whole Tribe Toronto drama....(sigh).....but it seems issues were discussed/resolved and thus we now have DE FREITAS CARNIVAL presenting "REIGN OF FIRE". The associated website is (not up and running yet) and the FB group is!/group.php?gid=113498415339614&v=info&ref=ts

No band launch date yet so stay tuned........

Check out the FB info below in the meantime:

Website Coming Soon...Check back Soon for Launch date!


Every summer thousands gather to celebrate Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival (CARIBANA) festivities. To no surprise 2010 is shaping up to offer the most illustrious surprise yet. As if the multitude of upcoming festival events was not enough to stir excitement, a long awaited brand will be making its first ever appearance down the Lakeshore. The brand known as DE FREITAS CARNIVAL has announced its grand entrance into the festivities for CARIBANA 2010.

Ken De Freitas & Justin Hospedales the Band Leaders of this venture and their committee promise to bring the inimitable Carnival experience from the streets of Trinidad to Toronto. They are envisioning a Carnival which redefines the possibilities and offers the unexpected. From prestigious parties, flavorful concerts and luscious costumes, this team has come to add a new spice to CARIBANA. Ken De Freitas, a long time veteran in the MAS making has definitely thought of passing on his skills to assist in developing a new generation to continue a cultural legacy that will ensure that his team brings Caribana to a higher level in the next 5 years.

His seeked participation worldwide in developing MAS with prominent bands and his originality remains one to be rivaled. There is no question as to why the Toronto people already believe that DE FREITAS CARNIVAL will be a hot commodity that will SELL OUT and leave many hopefuls on extended wait-lists for 2010. The DE FREITAS family prides itself on offering nothing less than a "total experience". Placing the masquerader as their first priority, each costume will be professionally tailored and made to custom fit the individual. It is difficult to truly comprehend all that DE FREITAS CARNIVAL will be without firsthand indulgence! Luckily, Toronto will continue to have its chance during CARIBANA 2010 under his restructrued band.

For more information and sponsorship opportunities regarding Toronto’s 2010 DE FREITAS CARNIVAL experience, contact Justin Hospedales: 416.209.0834

Sounding a bit Tribe Torontoish (hee hee) but say what its all about the costumes.....I'm looking forward to seeing the presentation.

GUYCAN Group and Trini Massive 2010 Band Launch

Monday, April 19, 2010

Carnival Kicks

Hey readers,
With band launch season in full swing its time to start thinking......ACCESSORIES! If you're on the hunt for footwear look no further than Carnival Kicks. Carnival Kicks specializes in Masquerader footwear, and also provides apparel and carnival accessories. They offer everything from boots to flats, booty shorts to tights, and even Nippies.......One stop shopping!!!

Check out Carnival Kicks at
FB page:

Toronto Revellers 2010 Band Launch

DISCO FEVER ...ain't no stopping us now


Everest Banquet Hall, 1199 Kennedy Road (one block south of Ellesmere)
Doors open at 9pm
$20 adv./ more at the door
19+ ID required

Soca Monarchs
DJ Remedy
DJ Revz
DJ 2 Touch The youngest in charge

Prizes for the best dressed Disco Diva and Funkadelic Dude

Debbie 416-525-6630 (Scarborough)
Monique 647-882-6819 (Scarborough)
Yvette - 416-321-1274 (Scarborough
Max 416-494-7476
Joann 647-866-7005 (East)
Tony 289-232-0366 (Mississauga)
Teresa 416-569-4784 (Mississauga)


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Socacize Entertainment & RnB in the City Presents...FLAUNT- Saturday May 15th

Working hard and can't play a little hard - enough said!
Socacize encourages you to come take a wine at “FLAUNT”

F – Feel Good
L – Look good
A – Attitude: Sexy classy
U – Unleash
N – Nice up yourself
T – Take pleasure in enjoying U
Saturday May15th, after Socacize Spring Bootcamp
Chic Nightlounge 214 King Street West

Music by Max-B and Socacize own DOC
We giving we Socacize wine!!
Socacize FLAUNT price (Socacize guest list)
$10 before 11:30 pm
$15.00 after
Ayanna 416-728-5545 | Wayne Chung 416-528-6257

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Callaloo Band Launch Rescheduled

Hey Readers,

CALLALOO'S band launch originally scheduled for Saturday, May 15th, 2010 will now take place on Sunday, May 23, 2010 and will feature the band "KARMA" straight out of T&T. The venue remains the same: Everest Banquest and Business Convention, 1199 Kennedy Road, Scarborough.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hey Readers, looks like Toronto-Lime is up and running today. Phew!!! I was having withdrawal symptoms. I enjoy my daily visits to Toronto-Lime..... big up to Jef! Check out the new design for the site.....I'm really liking it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Point Fortin 2010 Borough Celebrations

Borough Celebrations in my hometown of Point Fortin are underway. Please check out for details and coverage of all the events for Borough. This year Point Fortin is celebrating 30 years. Happy Borough to all my Point people!!!


Palance......De Animated Tribute

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tribal Knights 2010 Band Launch Photos

Hey Readers,

Please check out Darling Nicky's blog for photos from Tribal Knights' Band Launch last night.

Also check out her FB page for even more pics:

Of the nine sections presented by Tribal Knights my favourite is "INDULGENCE". The other sections are entitled "Arabian Knights", "Champagne on Ice", "Glamour", "Glitz", "Moulin Rouge", "Paparazzi", "Rodeo Dreams", and "Showtime".

What's your favourite section?????

Carnival Nationz 2010 Band Launch

“SPARROW… d’Legend”

Sooooooo... is that time already!! Summer... CARIBANA is in the air and that means North America's #1 mas band is about to unleash its 2010 presentation.

This year CNz has decided to pay special attention to one of the greatest figures in Caribbean history, something that has never been done before. An entertainer who needs no introduction… the "KING OF CALYPSO"… will be honoured in true CNz fashion for all the awe inspiring music that he has provided to us over the years. Call him by whatever name you know him: "Slinger Francisco" ~ "D'Birdie" ~ "The King"... we at CNz will simply call him "SPARROW D'LEGEND".

His catalogue is enormous, his talent undisputed, his charisma and ability to mesmerize an audience is world-renowned... and in 2010 CNz will bring all those aspects to life in a presentation to celebrate one of our greatest talents, as only West Indians can... in "mas".

So if the following lyrics/lines put an instant smile on your face:

“He eat until he stomach upset… but I never eat ah white meat yet”...
“Tell yuh sister to come down quick I have something here for she”…
“de Lizard run up she leg and disappear”...
“Jane, it is four o’clock in the morning”…
“Well they playing bad, they have me feeling sad… the leader of the gang was hot like ah pepper”…
“Drunk & Disorderly always in custody, meh friends & meh family… all man fed up with me”…
“Bum bum looking healthy jamming on me purposely... darling doh do that to me… doh back back”...
"Well the girls in town feeling bad… no more Yankees in Trinidad"...
"If yuh hear how this Martiniquian bawl... Sa Sa Yeah… Bunjay"…
"Melda oh yuh making wedding plans, carrying meh name to Obeah Man"...
“Good morning Mr. Walker, I come to see your daughter”…
"All saltfish sweet!!"

...then you should be there on May 1st as CNz pays homage to the undisputed "KING OF CALYPSO"...THE MIGHTY SPARROW!!!!!!!!

Date: Saturday 1st May, 2010
Venue: Sound Academy (11 Polson St, Toronto)
DJs: D'Bandit ~ Soca Sweetness ~ Court Jester ~ Starting from Scratch ~Kold Fusion ~ PlayHouse ~ Enforcas (newly added)
Hosts: SKF & Eman
Adm: $15 adv ~ more @ the door…
Tickets: - please check the website for more information and for the easy purchase process…

ALL “Bed & Bath Boutique” locations:
Cedarbrae Mall
Westwood Mall
East York Town Centre
York Gate Mall
Malvern Town Centre

Play-de-Record [downtown]
Charlie’s [Miss.]
Drupati’s [Etobicoke]
Nicey’s [Brampton]

Info: Marcus @ 416.565.4079;Bryce @ 416.985.8488;Dwayne @ 416.930.9650
Section Leaders: Hayden “Pumpkin” @ 416.220.497;Ross @ 416.301.7761; Al/Brant @ 416.684.5062 & 416.456.6984;Denise @ 416.820.3304
Websites: ~ ~ ~
Facebook: join the carnival nationz or carnival nationz miami facebook user groups... plus bryceaguiton or islandboyz or dbandit groups

Look out for:

  • CNz brand new website launch…
  • CNz Registration week – first week of May @ our mas camp
  • KIDDIES Carnival: LIL’Nationz – launch in June
  • Carnival Nationz Annual Boat Cruise - July 18th 2010

See you at the launch...
CNz Band Leaders:
Dwayne @ 416.930.9650
Marcus @ 416.565.4079
Bryce @ 416.985.8488

Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club 2010 Band Launch

Fantazia International 2010 Band Launch

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