Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tribal Knights 2010 Band Launch Photos

Hey Readers,

Please check out Darling Nicky's blog for photos from Tribal Knights' Band Launch last night.

Also check out her FB page for even more pics:

Of the nine sections presented by Tribal Knights my favourite is "INDULGENCE". The other sections are entitled "Arabian Knights", "Champagne on Ice", "Glamour", "Glitz", "Moulin Rouge", "Paparazzi", "Rodeo Dreams", and "Showtime".

What's your favourite section?????


Anonymous said...

Being the first one out the gate for this year's Caribana band launches, there was a lot resting on Dexter Seusahai's Tribal Knights. Whether it was my genuine curiosity or just to jump at the first official limin event, I went with expectations. Especially so that I understood that a long time acquaintance of mine was manning a section for the first time.

First of all, I am not sure why the logistics at the door upon entry were not better organized. There only two people seated at a table were both taking pre-purchased tickets, accepting money for entry and also handling returning '09 masqueraders. The time consuming part was them trying to sift through sheets of paper to confirm whether you were indeed with them on the road last year. Sorry I have little patience for those kinds of non-logical thinking.

The party was getting long in the tooth before the models and costumes were revealed but well worth the wait.

The first section was (black) Paparazzi and the models were one of two sections that I remember distinctively very well; Ah wonder why? The tasteful use of blacks feathers, grey and silver for beads, fabric and other pieces brought everything very well together in pleasant first-section presentation.... reminding me of the drop-jaw "Sin City" section of Toronto Revellers' Las Vegas from '08.

The much talked about Moulin Rouge (red) section was also very note worthy and was consistent with the rest of the presentation. I would have loved to see at least one full-figured model in costume for this section especially. Don't ask why, jus' because.

The other mentionable sections in my opinion, were Glitz (white) and Arabian Nights (blue). The others didn't quite grab my attention at the time. A few trips to the mas camp is definitely in order for my short-list confirmation.

Come to think of it, when you look at the sections, it kinda remind me of '08 when Toronto Revellers won Band of the Year with their presentation of Las Vegas. That is NOT necessarily a bad thing, is it?

So in a biscuit pan (or is that sugar pan?), Tribal Knights 2010 presentation certainly has the Glamour; the Glitz was somewhat tempered.


de cocoa panyol said...

Thanks for the fantabulous review Carnival Vincy!!!

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