Monday, March 16, 2009

New Band for Caribana......FANTAZIA INTERNATIONAL

Today I stumbled upon a new band for Caribana......Fantazia International

Here's the write-up from the website:

Welcome to Fantazia

I would like to introduce you to Fantazia International. We are a Toronto based established company of dynamic “Costume designers”. Our work is displayed and portrayed internationally; especially during the Toronto’s Annual Caribana extravaganza where designers compete against each other. In recent years costumes are displayed as far as Japan. We are offering you an opportunity to be a sponsor in our 2009 Caribana extravaganza production.

Fantazia International is led by Will Morton, “Designer Extraordinaire” hailing from the Caribbean Island of Nevis. Will, who always had a passion for designing and creating art, started out on his journey volunteering his time at Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club before bringing out his first section in 1987. It did not take long for his work to be recognized, earning him the title of “Best Section Leader” for several years.

Will joined a new band Carnival Nationz in 2005. Here he flourished and once more his creativity enabled Carnival Nationz to win the “Band of the Year” title for 2 consecutive years. During 2005 he assisted the new band Toronto Revellers. Toronto Revellers placed 5th in the competition. Seeing the potential for greatness he joined Toronto Revellers in 2007, where he earned the position of General Manager and Head designer. Even though this was a brand new band, In just 1 year in 2007 Toronto Revellers came 1st. by taking the title “Band of the Year” and again in 2008.

With his many years of bringing this art to a higher level, Will made a conscious decision to branch off on his own. He gained a lot of experience by working with the best designers and mas builders. With his wife by his side he has all the moral support to work magic in 2009. Will sees nothing but success for the future.

Pretty cool......more mas for Caribana and more choice for the masquerader. Curious though that Toronto Revellers and this new branch-off band are both exploring the Brazilian theme!!!

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