Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crave Mas

A big announcement was made at Dr. Jay's Return Fete on March 7th. Dr. Jay &
Experience The VIBE have teamed up and have created the brand CRAVE. We will
offer costumes, parties and much more!!!

This year CRAVE will be with the BIG band Louis Saldenah's Mas-K Club. We have designed 2 sections for you and they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! We will have our OWN truck on the road with music provided by Dr. Jay de Soca Prince, Dj CHIEF and Dj BASS.

Stay tuned to this group for free CRAVE giveaways, CRAVE parties and other updates. Make sure you check out the band launch at the end of May. Costumes will go on sale THE NEXT DAY!!! Organize and save from now because they won't last long!!

Welcome all of you to CRAVE. It's time to experience how mas really
should be.

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