Monday, July 29, 2013

Carnival Nationz 2013 Costume Pick-up Schedule

Hi CNz Masqueraders,

Here is the Carnival Nationz Costume Pick-up schedule as released yesterday:

Tuesday 30th July:
  1. PEARLS - from 1pm-10pm
  2. FLASHER WRASSE - 6pm-10pm
  3. SEAHORSE - 6pm-10pm
Wednesday 31st July:
  1. YELLOW NUDIBRANCH - from 1pm-10pm
  2. SCORPAENIDEA - 6pm-10pm
  3. HAWKFISH - 6pm-10pm
  4. EMPEROR ANGELFISH - 6pm-10pm
  5. TEMMINCKII FISH - 6pm-10pm
  6. FAN CORAL - 6pm-10pm
Thursday 1st August:
FrIday 2nd August:
  1. All visitors from abroad (Welcome!!) and masqueraders unable to pick up on their original pick-up date from 12pm-9pm
  2. Any costumes not picked-up by 9pm will be SOLD to our long waiting list of people looking to play mas with CNz

So note the date and times your section will be distributed and ensure that you DO NOT show up BEFORE your pickup date.

********IMPORTANT PICKUP INFO**********
  • please ensure you have the original registration receipt with you, if not
  • please walk with ID so we can release the costumes to the right person(s)
  • if you are picking up costumes for other people please have either the original registration form or a written note with a copy of the person(s) ID stating that you have been given permission to pick up their costume.
  • PARKING - please avoid parking on the road (Howden) as you may be ticketed (CNz will not be accountable), there are multiple parking lots around the camp and in surrounding buildings that you would be well advised to utilize - please be considerate of the businesses in the area and do not block their driveways, lots, etc...
  • Absolutely NO trying on of costumes is allowed during pickup at the mas camp

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