Thursday, March 17, 2011


Good news Montrealers......Carifiesta is back for 2011!!! Parade day is July 9, 2011....
Hello all Carifiesta members,

We would like to first thank all the supporters of the CCFA organization for helping us and encouraging us in the journey that has lasted for now 3 years.

That being said, we are glad to announce that there will be Carnival again in Montreal this year and CCFA has been chosen as the promoter of the 36th edition of Carifiesta!!

We’ve been waiting for it and now it’s time to go to work to make this edition an unforgettable one!!

CCFA will be hosting an information meeting where we will be going over what will be needed from all of us in order to start the preparation for Carifiesta.

For all of you that have asked to be a part of the organization, to be a volunteer, to bring a band, make costumes and to help in any way you can, this is the time to put your words into actiosn. Our community has greatly suffered from the decline of Carifiesta and now is the time to show how important this event is to our culture.

Do not sleep on it, be a part of this great community event!!

The meeting will be held at 6767 Côte-des-Neiges on Thursday, March 17 @ 9pm.

For more information, do not hesitate to leave us a message and we will get back to you within the following 24 hours.


Tokyo Trinidad Tobago 東京トリニダードトバゴ said...

This is very good news!! I'm originally from Montreal and I hope to bring a Japanese soca DJ to play Mas!! Check out my Carnival blog at

de cocoa panyol said...

I appreciate the Japanese love of our nice!!!

Anonymous said...

July 3rd or July 9th ???

de cocoa panyol said...

July 9th.....check the website for more info:

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