Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blogging Vacation is over.....(Carnival 2011 Results)

Hi Readers,

Yes, the blogging vacation is over and its back to blogging business.

If you missed T&T Carnival 2K11 and you're still wondering who won what, here's a roundup of all the results:

Chutney Soca Monarch
1) Rikki Jai
2) Ravi B
3) K.I.

Groovy Soca Monarch
1) Kees Dieffenthaller
2) Benjai
3) Destra
4) Blaxx

Power Soca Monarch
1) Machel Montano
2) Iwer George
3) Bunji Garlin
4) Fay-Ann Lyons

Panorama Results - Single Pan Bands
1) San Juan East Side Symphony
2) Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force
3) Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services

Panorama Results - Small Conventional Bands
1) Arima Golden Symphony
2) Merrytones
3) Tornadoes

Panorama Champs- Medium Bands
1) Katzenjammers
1) ValleyHarps
3) NLCB Buccooneers

Panorama Champs - Large Bands
1) Neal & Massey Trinidad All Stars
2) Sagicor Exodus
3) PCS Silver Stars

Queen of the Bands
1) Peola Marchan - "D Jewelled Chandelier"
2) Gloria Dalsingh - "Splendour of Lights"
3) Kay Mason - " Island Queen"

King of the Bands
1) Wade Madray - "Pacific Tsunami"
2) Owen Hinds Jr. - "Battle of the Marabuntas"
3) Curtis Eustace - "Buzo-D Legend Lives On"

Calypso Monarch
1) Karene Asche -"Careful What Yuh Ask For"/"Uncle Jack"
2) Michael Osouna - Sugar Aloes - "Not One Word"/"De Cause"
3) Dr. Hollis Liverpool - Chalkdust - "Wounded Pride"/"Power of the Pen"

Band of the Year - Small
1) "Beauty beneath the Sea" - Belmont Original Stylish Sailors
2) "Gathering of the First People" - Tribal Connections
3) "Greece the Legacy" - Belmont Jewels

Band of the Year - Medium
1) "Survivors" - Ronnie and Caro Mas Band
2) "Village Life" - Rosalind Gabriel and Associates
3) "The Latin Flavour" - d Harvard Revellers

Band of the Year - Large
1) "Humanity - Circle of Life" - Macfarlane Carnival
2) "Tales of Merrie Old England" - Trini Revellers
3) "South Pacific" - Legacy

Road March
1) Machel Montano - "Advantage" (played 410 times)
2) Rodney Le Blanc - Benjai - "Trini" (played 107 times)
3) Neil "Iwer" George - "Come to Meh" (played 61 times)
(The Jugding points: Queen's Park Savannah (Port of Spain), Adam Smith Square (Port of Spain), Picadilly Greens (Port of Spain), South Quay (Port of Spain), Arima, San Fernando, Tobago)

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