Thursday, August 14, 2008

A sneak peek of Heaven on Earth.....

Today's online guardian featured a sneak peek of Island People's 2009 presentation......Heaven on Earth:


An unforgettable experience on the road—that’s what Carnival band Island People Mas (IPM) is offering masqueraders for C2K9.

With an increasing number of mas bands to choose from, bandleader/director Dane Lewis assures that great things are in store for those opting to play with the band.

“We are all about celebrating and taking care of our masqueraders. It’s all about them,” he said.

The concept

It’s surely different and engaging, but just where did the concept Heaven on Earth come from?

“First thing people would think of is what’s in heaven, but there are so many heavenly things on earth that we can showcase and celebrate,” said Lewis.

“We like to look at our band like a story moving from one chapter to another, which is why we don’t use the word ‘sections.’ With sections people tend to compete with each other. We want our masqueraders to feel like they belong to one band. All the different chapters go together to complete the story.”

IPM’s presentation has 12 chapters for C2K9, including Love, Chocolate, Angel Falls and Touch.Embracing competition

Despite stiff competition in the Carnival industry, Group Communication Specialist for IPM Penny Gomez said the band, which is going into its fourth year, remains unfazed.

“We are definitely not afraid of competition. At one point we were new as well. However we encourage the new bands to learn from the veteran band leaders.”

Lewis echoed similar sentiments. “We embrace competition, it gives the masquerader more options. We don’t want to be better than anybody. We don’t look at the other bands as competitors. We really do wish all of them luck,” said Lewis.

Quality matters

Gomez said assuring all masqueraders get quality for money is always high on the band’s agenda. “When you think of IPM mas, you don’t only think of jumping up. We offer a quality mas experience.

Lewis asserted: “The masquerader playing with us can expect an all inclusive band, exceptionally good catering services, high security, among other amenities. We want our masqueraders to have a true heavenly experience.

“We also offer a great mix of designers — Crystal Aming, Diane Hunt, Sonia Mark, Sandra Hordatt, Tisha Neilson, Tiffany and Fazad Mohammed.”


Island People will hold its official band launch on Sunday evening at the Queen’s Park Oval in Woodbrook.

“It’s going to be great. We are going to do something that we have never done before. We are very excited,” said Lewis. “It’s our interpretation of heaven on earth. Heaven is really what you make it.”

More info

Call Island People Mas at:

625-1fun (1386)

or visit:


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