Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Carnival Nationz Registration Continues

SPARROW D’Legend...
...Registration continues

Jean and Dinah_frontline1.jpgsparrowd'legend2010.jpgRoyal Jail_frontline1.jpg

Ok... it’s been just over a week that CNz 2010 presentation “SPARROW D’Legend” has been available for purchase by our loyalty peeps and subsequently the general public... to-date, we have sold 1,200 costumes in 1 week and sections are selling out fast!!!!!

DBirdie1.jpgDrunk and Disorderly1.jpgJean and Dinah1.jpgSa Sa Yeah1.jpg
D’Birdie Drunk & Disorderly Jean & Dinah Sa Sa Yeah

On the verge of Selling Out:
Big Bamboo1.pngDe Lizard1.pngCongoMan1.pngJANE1.jpg
BIG Bamboo The Lizard CongoMan JANE

Moving steadily:
Saltfish1.jpgRoyal Jail1.pngSexy Marajhin1.jpgObeah Wedding1.jpg
Saltfish Royal Jail (SEXY) Marajhin MELDA (Obeah Wedding)

CNz Registration Info/Notes:
The mas camp is open daily from 6pm-9pm (529 McNicoll Ave., just west of Victoria Park). To avoid disappointment and ensure that you are part of North America’s number 1 mas band, please come in and check us out. We also have online registration which has been moving along quite impressively since its launch. So feel free to “Purchase” section to buy costumes online.

Also please note:

  1. BELT OPTION FOR ROYAL JAIL section – there is now a belt option for the Royal Jail section, so please feel free to call Bandit @ 416.930.9650 for more details...
  2. CNz Express Costume Home Delivery – information on CNz’s new innovative option of express home delivery for costumes purchased in the GTA will be posted soon to
  3. CNzMiami 2010... coming soon!!
  4. Lil’Nationz band launch – June – our kiddies band will be launching in June, stay tuned for more details
  5. CNz Annual Boat Cruise – Sunday July 18th – tickets go on sale soon...

If you need any information please check or contact:

CNz Band Leaders:
Marcus @ 416.565.4079 ~
Dwayne @ 416.930.9650 ~
Bryce @ 416.985.8488 ~ ~ ~

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