Monday, May 4, 2009

Carnival Nationz Registration for Loyalty Members

We at Carnival Nationz would like to thank everyone who made our launch as successful as it was this year. Your response thus far has been that "the launch was once again beyond compare." We appreciate all your comments and critique and look forward to making 2009 your best Caribana with Carnival Nationz yet! We will be taking some major steps to improve our registration process, security on the road and our complete Caribana experience.

Yep we don't's time to figure out yuh section. The pics are up on both our site and our web sponsor Pass by the websites and pick your favourite costume...there isn't much time to choose so gather up de crew and figure out what's yuh preference NOW.

Registration will be at 533 McNicoll Ave (the Carnival Nationz Mas Camp) for all loyalty members. Loyalty members are masqueraders who played with Carnival Nationz for either 2007 or 2008. Please walk with ID to verify your name at point of entry. Early registration times are tentatively as follows: Wed 6-9pm, Thurs 6-9pm, Sat 2-6pm and Sun 2-6pm. Once early registration is complete we will announce our daily registration hours. Please have all relevant size information available for quick processing.

For all our out of town loyalty members please email or with Carnival Nationz Registration in the subject line as well a scanned copy of your ID with address (driver's license preferred) attached. We will try to accomadate you with your costume preference. Thanks for you corporration in advance.

Aiiiiiiight, Lata D' Bandit

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