Saturday, January 31, 2009


Socacize Fans!!!

Check out this email from Ayanna regarding the upcoming special Carnival Bootcamp session happening this Tuesday, February 3......

Hi Socacize ladies!

I just wanted to say, keep up the hard work in these classes and thanks for keeping my energy pumping!

The SOCACIZE Carnival Boot-camp class will feature a special session with Dr Jay de Soca Prince on Tuesday, February 3, at Tropicana Community Services (670 Progress Avenue, Unit 14) from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 ish.

Prepare for a one-hour SOCA jam! Get a dose of the amount of stamina required for Trinidad Carnival whether you are going or not.

There will be a limbo competition and prizes for the best endurance such as tickets to Dr. Jay’s DCAL and one free SOCACIZE™ DVD! (Visit for more info on SOCACIZE™ DVD).

Special Offer for You Socacize ladies.
Tell your family and friends to come out! Cost is $5.00 for non-registered boot-camp participants. Please bring your own mats and a pair of weights or (food cans) just in case I may not have enough.

Are you ready to sweat?

See you all there!!!

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