Monday, August 2, 2010

2010 Pan Alive Results

Salah's Steelpan Academy are Pan Alive champions for the 4th consecutive year

Montreal based pan band Salah's Steel Orchestra managed to yet again beat out 12 other steel orchestras to record their fourth consecutive Pan Alive title.

Much of the 13 competing steel bands played the popular song "Battle Zone' as their song of choice, but in the end Salah's Steel Academy's rendition of the song (arranged by Salah Wilson) earned the top score.

The unofficial results from last nights competition at Lamport Stadium are below.

Rank . Band . Arranger . Score . Song
1st. Salah Steelpan Academy (Salah Wilson) - 289 - Battle Zone
2nd. Golden Harps International (Ed Peters) - 281 - Surrender
3rd. (TIE) Afropan Steelband (Earl LaPierre) - 280 - Battle Zone
3rd. (TIE) Panatics Steelband Network (Andrew Jackson) - 280 - Battle Zone
5th. (TIE) New Dimension (Andre Rouse) - 271 - Wild and Free
5th. (TIE) Pan Fantasy (Wendy Jones) - 271
7th. (TIE) Silhouettes Steel Orchestra (Danny Mosca) - 278 - Dus In Yuh Face
7th. (TIE) Symphonyx Steel Orchestra (Delano Thomas) - 278
9th. (TIE) Pan Masters (Tommy Crichlow) - 276
9th. (TIE) Jessie Ketchum (Cecil Clarke) - 276
9th. (TIE) Hamilton Youth Steel Orchestra (Cathy Ferreira) - 276
12th. Metrotones Steel Orchestra (Carl James) - 262 - Surrender
13th. St. James
Youth Centre Steel Orchestra (Ken Bhagan) - 245


Can-Baje said...

The arranger for New Dimension is actually Andre Rouse!

de cocoa panyol said...

Thanks Fatima....correction made!

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