Thursday, September 9, 2010

Caribana 2011

BRRRR.....who turned off the heat......Summer's done guy (insert Scarborough accent here)!!!

Here's some news about Caribana 2K11 to keep you warm:

3 Bands have revealed their themes for next year -

Toronto Revellers: "Welcome to Oz "(loving the logo)

Tru Dynasty: "The Roaring 20's"

Tribal Knights: "LEGENDS"

I think we will have a theme from the Saldenah camp very shortly.


For those who played mas with CNZ, Miami Carnival will be your FOURTH opportunity to wear your costume this year. Check out the Carnival Nationz website for all the details on how to play mas with Carnival Nationz Miami:

Tribal Knights is also offering their masqueraders the same opportunity so check out their website for info on how to play mas with Party People. Websites: and

I believe Callaloo is heading to Miami too so stay tuned for more info!

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Anonymous said...

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