Thursday, July 22, 2010

Carnival Nationz Costume Distribution Schedule


Pickup is located at the Mas Camp 529 McNicoll Ave.
NEW For ladies there will be tights on sale at the Mas Camp during pick times. These are the tights from Trinidad that are skin tone aaaaaand eliminate the Forbidden Cellulite look. They are great in hot conditions so don't worry about that. If you're interested ask at pick up time.
NEW FAST TRACK For those who have paid off their costume already please note there will be a special location for you. You will not have to wait to pick up your costume. Please remember to walk with your receipt and/or ID and this process will be painless. Your bag will be ready and waiting for you on your assigned day.
Ladies and Gentlemen the time is here for 2010. Time to get ready for de road. We at Carnival Nationz are just as excited as you are to be presenting a legend...Sparrow d' Legend on the Lakeshore. I know you're all ready for yuh costumes like yesterday so as usual NO LONG TALK!
We have set aside special days for each section. Pickup begins on Sun July 25th and ends on Fri Jul 30th. For all out of town masqueraders please make sure we know to hold your costume until Friday evening or a specified time. Please NOTE: At pickup you will recieve all other information pertaining to Caribana day assembly time, location, order of trucks etc. The scheduled time for costume pickup is as follows:
Sun July 25thJEAN AND DINAH, DRUNK AND DISORDERLY & CONGO MANBRYCE - 416.985.8488, MARCUS - 416.565.407911am - 6pm
Mon July 26thJANE, BIG BAMBOO & D' LIZARDBRYCE - 416.985.8488, MARCUS - 416.565.40796pm - 10pm
Tues July 27thSALTFISH, ROYAL JAIL & SA SA YEADWAYNE & SHANAH - 416.930.9650 & HAYDEN - 416.220.49726pm - 10pm
Wed July 28thSEXY MARAJHIN & D' BIRDIEROSS - 416.301.7761 , AL & BRANDT - 647.727.44456pm - 10pm
11am - 6pm


  • Please do not show up on days not assigned to your section before your scheduled pickup date. In other words if you are to pick up on Tues PLEASE do not show up on Monday and assume your costume will be ready.
  • There will be no trying on at the mas camp on pickup days. We are also not responsible for alterations. For all minor alterations (as everyone may have) please feel free to do at home or at a professional tailor or seamstress ..thank you in advance for understanding.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Concerning costume pickup please walk with your receipt. If you have lost your receipt please walk with a valid photo ID. If you are sending someone to pickup your costume please give them a copy of your receipt. If you have lost your receipt and would like someone to pick up your costume PLEASE photocopy your drivers license or a valid photo ID and write in your own handing that your authorize {person Jane Doe} to collect your costume then sign at the bottom.
  • Lastly if you cannot come to pick up your costume on the assigned date, not to worry, PLEASE LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE and we will gladly make an appointment with you. We intend to hold your costume for you until 6pm Caribana Friday. YOU MUST LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE if you cannot make your schedued pickup date. Go to and/or contact your section leader directly from the numbers listed above. Please be aware that you would have to make this appointment outside the time assigned to the other section's scheduled times. In other words if you are in BIG BAMBOO and are supposed to come to the mas camp between 6-10pm on Monday and cannot make it for that time, then feel free to call and schedule an appointment anytime between the hours of 10am-4pm Tues or Wed or Fri.
  • Any costume remaining after 6pm on Friday 30th July (without prior nofication to the band or section leaders) WILL BE SOLD. PLEASE NOTE ALL FINAL PAYMENTS ARE DUE AT PICKUP.

We look forward to meeting you in person once again and jumping with you on de Lake Shore!!!

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