Sunday, June 20, 2010

CARN Test Period Ends Monday!

I'm so sad the test period end this Monday. I have been listening non-stop for the last 3 weeks and encouraging everyone I know to do the same. All the best to CARN and I will patiently await the awarding of your official broadcast certificate.
Hello CARN 98.7FM Listeners,

On May 31st CARN commenced it's testing of the 98.7FM frequency. This testing was authorized for a period of 3 weeks only and ends on Monday, June 21st @ 11:59PM. We understand that you are disappointed that this wonderful music you have been listening to will come to an end. But rest assured that this is only temporary. We must follow the rules as outlined by the 'powers that be' in order to acheive the ultimate goal - the official broadcast certificate.

We will keep you posted on the progress of our launch and our pending website which will offer online streaming.

We ask you for your patience, understanding, support and prayers.

Thank you,
CARN Admin

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