Friday, November 14, 2008


Saturday February 7th, 2008
* Junior Calypso Monarch Semi-Finals - Strand Entertainment, Dundonald St, POS - (10am)

Sunday February 8th, 2008
* Pan Trinbago National Panorama Semi-Finals (Savannah Party) - Conventional Bands (Small/Medium/Large) - Queen's Park Savannah 9am

Monday February 9th, 2008
* Young Kings Calypso Monarch Final

Tuesday February 10th, 2008
* Northern Region Soca In Pan - Northern Greens, QPS (7pm)

Wednesday February 11th, 2008
* National Extempo & Limbo Prelims - Strand Entertainment, Dundonald St, POS (10am)

Thursday February 12th, 2008
* Downtown Carnival Launch - City Hall, Hart Street, Port-of-Spain, 5pm
* Kings & Queens Prelims - Northern Greens, QPS (8pm)

Friday February 13th, 2008
* International Soca Monarch Semi-Finals

Saturday February 14th, 2008
* Red Cross Kiddies Carnival - Port of Spain (11am-1pm)
* Single Pam Semis - Victoria Square, POS (6pm)
* Calypso "Fiesta" Monarch Semi Final - Skinner Park, San Fernando (12pm)

Sunday February 15th, 2008
* Junior Panorama National Finals @ Queen's park Savannah
* NCBA Junior Kings/Queens/ Individuals Prelims - Jean Pierre Complex (9am)
* St. James Junior Street Parade - Western Main Rd, St. James (1:30pm)

Monday February 16th, 2008
* Junior Panorama Finals - Northern Greens, QPS (9am)
* Junior Calypso Monarch Finals - Northern Greens, QPS (10am)
* Unattached Calypso Monarch Finals - Picadilly Greens, POS (7pm)

Tuesday February 17th, 2008
* Sr Kings Semi-Finals / Jr. Queens Finals - Northern Greens, QPS (8pm)

Wednesday February 18th, 2008
* South Central Zone Calypso Finals - Skinner Park, San Fernando (7pm)
* National Small Bands & National Single Pan Bands Finals (7pm)
* Senior Individuals/Traditional/Conventional Mas Competition - Northern Greens, QPS (8pm)

Thursday February 19th, 2008
* Pan Trinbago Panorama Finals (Small Orchestras) - Skinner Park (San Fernando)
* National Extempo & Limbo Finals - Jean Pierre Complex, POS (7pm)

Friday February 20th, 2008
* Canboulay Re-Enactment - Duke St (5am)
* Parade of Traditional Mas Characters - Downton Port-of-Spain (noon)
* International Soca Monarch Finals - Queens Park Oval, Woodbrook (7pm)
* Sr Queens Semi-Finals / Jr. Kings Finals - Northern Greens, QPS (8pm)

Saturday February 21st, 2008
* NCBA/Sunshine Snacks Junior Parade of the Bands - St. Vincent St to Queen's Park Savannah Judging Site (8am)
* Pan Trinbago National Panorama Finals (Large & Medium Conventional Bands) (5pm)

Sunday February 22nd, 2008
* Nostalgia (Traditional Parade) - Piccadilly Greens to Adam Smith Square (8am)
* Dimanche Gras (Kings & Queens of Carnival / Calypso Monarch Finals) - Northern Greens, QPS (7pm)

Monday February 23rd, 2008 (Carnival Monday)
* J'Ouvert - South Quay, Port of Spain (4am)
* Parade of the Bands - Streets of Port of Spain (11am-8pm)
* Pan on the Road - Victoria Square & Streets of Port-of-Spain
* Monday Night Mas - Victoria Square, Port of Spain

Tuesday February 24th, 2008 (Carnival Tuesday)
* Parade of the Bands - Judging points @ Adam Smith Square, Piccadilly on the Greens, Queen's Park South (11am-8pm)
* Pan Trinbago Pan on the Road - Victoria Square & Streets of Port-of-Spain
* Pan Trinbago Las' Lap - Western Main Rd, St James

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